Friday, 12 March 2010

Ethical Search Marketing - making the most of the longtail.

How Long Tail Search Marketing is incorporated into an overall SEO strategy – and why. Here we discuss how to make sure your site isn’t excluding potential customers using more specific search terms in your long tail search marketing strategy. Long Tail Search Marketing – fishing with a net versus a line.

Capitalising on long tail search marketing is a vital component of an effective SEO campaign. Long tail keywords are typically three to six words in length and may incorporate phrasing and (sometimes rather ‘interesting’) spelling variations that would not typically appear on a list of optimum keywords or phrases. However, rather than just restricting yourself to the most popular and obvious keywords, long tail search marketing brings in a much wider potential audience – hence the analogy between fishing with a net or a line. Obviously, you’re going to catch more fish using a net, despite the fact that your line may be specifically baited to hook one particular kind of fish.

The most effective and immediate way to incorporate long tail search marketing into your overall strategy is to use systems such as Google Analytics to find out what long tail phrase people are using to locate your site. It’s also useful to have a brain-storming session with your SEO experts, friends, family and co-workers to try to ascertain what potential combinations the general public would use to locate your site on a search engine. The trick is to then incorporate these long tail search marketing phrases into fresh, new copy, as the only way to actually make use of these phrases is to include them in your site. Keyword density isn’t really an issue any more – in fact keyword ‘stuffing’, as it’s commonly referred to, is now penalised by the search engine algorithms and is considered a black hat technique.

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How to Juice Up a Site's Rank

If your Web site isn't getting the attention it deserves on the Internet, it may be running low on Google juice.

Google juice, for the uninitiated, refers to how high a Web site ranks in Google's search results -- the higher the ranking, the more juice. Google juice is all about links. As many people know, the Internet search leader ranks Web sites based largely on the quantity and quality of other sites linking to it.

It's no wonder that a whole new industry has arisen around mining the Web for links and other page-tweaks that can help sites boost their Google rank and reel in more visitors. This industry deals with “search-engine optimization” (SEO), and search engine marketing companies specialise in this.

Many of these search marketing companies focus on natural search marketing and helping people get, and keep, their websites in the top ten of Google searches for their particular search term. This is done by having lots of links from other websites to the site, as well as the website itself containing good quality written content. It is important too that this content includes terms which are relevant to the purpose of the website.

Google, however, takes a dim view of attempts to artificially manipulate search results, and can indentify unnatural content (content which is stuffed with links and search terms). This is why it is best for businesses trying to get to the top to consult a search marketing agency that knows exactly how Google works and the criteria it uses to rank websites.

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Monday, 8 February 2010

Increasing Profits through Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing can increase the profits for your business when you set a goal of making your website the best possible site on the internet for a specific search phrase. You need to use the correct SEO methods to attract customers and to encourage repeat business. Another factor to consider is local advertising and regional search marketing, which is becoming increasingly popular with internet marketers.

To get people to purchase your products means learning the art of communication. Improve how you communicate with the internet and its users and you will increase your sales and generate profits. Local search marketing, with being the priority in the United Kingdom, is a good way to specifically target your customers. To communicate effectively you have to broadcast your message widely, and locally using regional search marketing, on the web in order to create the right amount of exposure to all of your potential clients.

How you communicate will have an impact on future profits at the business. You will need to advertise your business, using both national and local advertising, so other people are aware of your products and services. Use banner advertisements, link exchange, and affiliate marketing for your marketing needs. The use of these methods will depend on your entirely on your campaign, although most methods are generally considered advantageous.

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Fight Back with Small Business Marketing and Local Search Marketing

For the purpose of this article, we shall be looking at the example of Life coaches. Lots of coaching and business coaching clients are complaining these days of falling revenue and encountering resistant customers. We are seeing similar stories to this across the economy in both personal and professional areas. The focal point of your marketing campaign should be leaning towards the local community, hence take advantage of local search marketing and geographical search marketing.

Our advice here at the Search Marketing Group is to seek out the knowledge of a small, but experienced, business internet marketing firm to help you plan strategies to build your brand and expose your message to more potential customers. Some clients who are taking this advice are achieving a good level of success through seeking out new opportunities to grow their business locally. Aside from the online aspect, local advertising is also a good strategy.

Local search marketing can help communicate your brand to more people and a company that specialises in this can provide a great ROI from your marketing budget. It’s typical to see small business owners who built their local empire on handshakes and city council meetings, so introducing the concept of Internet search marketing into their game is tough. It is, however, possible, and regional search marketing should never be discounted.

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Search Marketing – SEO Copywriting

Content That Attracts Links

In reality, when it comes to monetised sites, there are several missions that the SEO author must focus upon:
  • marketing and achieving sales for the client, without being ‘tacky’ or ‘blatant.’
  • make sure that the users are navigated around the site in a pragmatic way, that leads to a sale, but is also interesting for the user.
  • primarily focus upon what some US pundits refer to as the ‘user experience.’
  • reduce the Bounce Rate, increase the crawl depth and time and increase return visitors.
  • if the website can, with the aid of the Search Marketing Group, become authoritative – people will bookmark the site and this will only help to increase trust factor.

Informative content and news articles are needed, so that the client's site enthuses people to link to it naturally, but also to represent the valid interests of the site.

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Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Copywriting III

Keyword Density (KWD)

KWD is sometimes an over used word in the vocabulary of search marketing companies, and of web sites. Essentially, it is how many times as a mathematical percentage, a particular word or search term is used within a document. This is, without question one of the most significant factors evaluated by search engines to interpret contact and their true correlation to said search phrases.

When we consider what was covered in the Synonyms article, if you enter the following into Google or any search engine:

-accountancy –jobs –vacancies

This command will evaluate and produce results that correspond to accountancy, but not to SEO content that overly mentions jobs or vacancies.

The results show the words ‘financial reporting’, ‘accountancy body’ and ‘accounting language’. So, in our example, we have an article that is probably about accountancy, its governing bodies and the language and terminology that they use. It does not include the words which we have asked the search engine to omit.

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Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Copywriting II

The SMG Content Writing Philosophy

We benchmark a client’s levels and importantly, quality of content against their competition, so that we know if there is a balance that needs addressing.

Analyse the logical derivatives of words associated with the primary term/s, for words or terms that the search engines will group with the primary term/s (this is known as The Long Tail Effect)

Insert where appropriate, long tail terms into the content to give our clients the best possible value for money.

Write original and unduplicated content looking hard at:
  • keyword percentage
  • positioning and distribution of search term/s
  • surrounding pages and site architecture
  • on and off–page content

Product delivery comes with simple notes of how to load the content onto the website.

Search Engine Techniques for Analysing Copy

Naturally, the actual written word is being read by a mathematical programme, not by a human being, when content is being indexed. Our teams know how these algorithms work and have seen them develop over many years. It is important to have information around a theme, but essentially, as they say in the USA, to remain “on message”. The first of these factors is the use and deployment of synonyms.

Synonym ConsiderationSearch engines and search marketing companies know which words are similar to others. Our teams consider this when executing their tasks.

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